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Nagahara Laboratory is

  • Undergraduate Student who is senior in Tokyo Institute of Technology, (Bachelor's specific research project)
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Environmental and Society, Department of Social and Human Sciences, Master's Course / Doctoral Course

We accept students from the following departments. When applying, please select the above-mentioned department.

Laboratory Activities

The activities of the laboratory include

  • Master's seminar (once a week)
  • Participate our school festival (once a year)
  • Workshops (irregular)

In addition to the events listed above, one-off or quarterly events may be held on an unexpected basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are there any core time?
    A. No, there is no core time. You are free to work as you wish. (However, in order to complete the student program, you must write a master's thesis, so you must be willing to do so.)
  • Q. How do we decide on a research theme? (For undergraduate and master's programs)
    A. The faculty members will work with you to determine your research theme, taking into consideration your individual background and areas of expertise.
  • Q. Is it possible to participate in seminars online?
    A. Yes. Other meetings and individual research can be conducted online, but we encourage students to work in the laboratory.
  • Q. What kind of students are suited to Nagahara Lab?
    A. I think that students who can conduct research in a free atmosphere are suited to the Nagahara Lab. Students should have a wide range of interests, such as educational technology, mathematics education, and mathematics itself.

Photos of student room

The student room in Nagahara Laboratory is shared with other Department of Social and Human Sciences laboratories.

Basically everything you need is available.

There is also a meeting space in the student room.

We also create educational materials using 3D printers.