Kentaro Nagahara (Associate Professor (Lecturer))

My favorite: Mathematics, Game, Ballroom dance.

Research interest: Mathematical Education, Educational Technology, Reaction-Diffusion Equation, Variational Method.

A few words: Find what you love!

Erdős Number = 4 (Paul Erdős > Bruce L. Rothschild > Martin A. Golubitsky > Yuan Lou > Kentaro Nagahara)

Kentaro Nagahara's activity record before establish this laboratory.


Hayate Yanase (M2)

My favorite: Travelling, Visiting museums, Craft beer

Research interest: Research on educational materials using Chat GPT

A few words: I studied in Germany for a year and a half when I was an undergraduate. I look forward to researching and hanging out with people from other countries. why don't you come to this lab:)